Bitfi – The Official Hardware Wallet for Groestlcoin GRS

Far from a cold storage wallet, it saves nothing.

The Bitfi hardware wallet is the blockchain interface system that is much more secure that any cold storage method. The Bitfi protocol secures billions in USD value without ever storing any sensitive data whatsoever. We believe that Bitcoin was always intended to be an un-seizable asset. Cold storage systems only protect users from online attacks and are not different from storing bars of gold in the safe or cash under a mattress.

Your brain extended to any blockchain utility.

Wealth management doesn't have to be stressful; securing millions with Bitfi technology allows you to be independent of the device, in case of loss, theft, seizure, or accident. Device loss is simply irrelevant to the safety of funds. Because Bitfi technology is designed to instantly wipe and over-write anything that you type into it, the device is always in the exact same state as it was before you took it out of the box. In fact, the presence of a Bitfi device is no evidence of a wallet's existence.


How to set up your Bitfi 2 wallet

Before you start the set-up process make sure that you have decided what you salt & phrase is going to be. The salt & phrase is the most important part of the Bitfi wallet infrastructure and is the wallet itself. Please read the Quick Start Guide that comes with the device to choose a proper phrase. Your device will use this as the input to calculate private keys as the output for whatever assets or features you are using.

Do not worry if you choose a salt & phrase that is not ideal; you can use it for practice and to get familiar with the operation of the Bitfi wallet infrastructure. You can create an unlimited number of wallets with the Bitfi device and you can always create a new salt & phrase.

Setting up and using the Bitfi 2 wallet is as easy as 1, 2, and 3:

Step 1

Go to to set up your Dashboard (you can do this on a computer or smartphone) where you will view all of your cryptocurrencies, crypto assets, and activity in a simple and intuitive interface. All of the information displayed here is just a current scan of public blockchains.

Step 2

Connect your Bitfi device to WiFi and use it's “DEVICE ID” in the dashboard, your device will then prompt you to complete registration by adding your initial payment addresses.

Step 3

Set your SALT and PASSPHRASE. The instructions for setting your secret phrase can be seen here. This is the most critical step in setting up your Bitfi hardware wallet and as such you should give this section the most attention. The phrase that you set for your wallet is what controls all your money and assets and if you do this properly the phrase will offer impenetrable protection (better than any other form of cold storage) and simultaneously give you the option to commit this phrase to memory so that there are no long term security weaknesses. If you give this some thought and effort, you can easily store millions of dollars with greater security than any bank account or vault on earth.

No Private Keys

World's only wallet that doesn't have private keys making it impossible to seize, lose or steal. Bitfi is pure consciousness.

Firmware Precision

You will never again need to download firmware to your malware infected computer or deal with anxiety of a multi-step process. Bitfi thoroughly hashes all bytes to perform ECDSA check to ensure they match with the update package & that it has not been tampered with.

Native Interface

No folders, no Chrome extensions, & no third-party websites. All digital assets conveniently appear in one place with balances & USD displayed.

Unlimited Wallets

Your wallet is device independent. You can have as many wallets as you want with one device.

Open Source. Verify.

Bitfi code is completely open source, we encourage developers anywhere in the world to review Bitfi code.

Locked Bootloader

Bitfi 2 features a locked bootloader rendering code injection futile either via a data port or via physical access to circuit board. USB/JTAG/UART/SPI are inaccessible & the board cannot be modified without irrevocably destroying device.

No Backups

Anyone who finds a list of 24 words knows instantly it's a wallet. This is a major attack vector & completely eliminated from Bitfi.

No Counterfeiting

Unlike any other wallet, each Bitfi device gets specially packaged firmware for its' Trusted Execution Environment (TEE), this unique fingerprint means the device can't be replicated.

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