GRS Monthly Donation Fund

Welcome to our donation page! Below you can find projects that are being worked on with the help of you and the community’s funding. All donated funds will go solely to the project of your choice.

Groestlcoin Marketing Donations this month:

GRS raised this month!

Month's goal: 2,000 GRS

Marketing Donation Address:


The marketing fund covers all costs related to advertisement: paid ads, sponsorships, social media campaigns and the production of advertisements.

Marketing Fund: 1643.99876207 GRS*

Address: FfNCiBxkU3ZmfqoPZk1MF8Wc2EsVLRXFBY

*GRS raised this month are not included!

Marketing Fund Payments

Groestlcoin Development Donations this month:

44.14443033 GRS raised this month!

Month's goal: 2,000 GRS

Development Donation Address:


The general development fund covers basic costs of hosting and serving Groestlcoin. This includes development tools, web server, domain and other unforeseen expenses related to service and maintenance.

Development Fund: 1703.85828754 GRS*

Address: Fo5Xvgc58JMsMXsfwEY8TvjxX2x4Tdm5jf

*GRS raised this month are not included!

Development Fund Payments