Edge wallet

Secure, Private, and Easy to Use

Cutting edge security, user privacy, and ease of use are at the foundation of everything we build. The Edge Wallet combines these features into one user friendly platform for beginners and experts alike.

Multi-Asset Support

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Groestlcoin and many others. Long term or short term, hold your assets safely.

Exchange between assets

Seamlessly shift between digital currencies or assets on the go.

In-app buy, sell and more

Exchange your fiat money for the financial assets of the future.

Be the first to move when markets do

Edge makes it easy to move between assets. You want to exchange your Bitcoin Cash for Litecoin? No problem. You want to exchange your Ethereum for Bitcoin? No problem. In just a few easy steps, any user can exchange one blockchain asset for another. All of this is done seamlessly inside the Edge Wallet.

One wallet for all your digital asset needs

We partner with top blockchain services around the world so users can maximize their assets. In-app buy/sell, mobile top-ups, gift cards, and bitcoin debit card integration coming soon to Edge.

Securing digital assets doesn’t have to be difficult

Managing multiple wallets for multiple assets is hard. Add in complicated backups like long pass phrases, lengthy strings of random letters and numbers, and you’ve got serious usability challenges. Not anymore. Hold all of your assets in one place with Edge—all you need is a username and password.


Several apps to manage multiple assets
Difficult to use backups
No auto-sync between devices
No forgiveness for user mistakes



One app for all of your assets
Backup with just username and password
Seamlessly login using multiple devices
Easy, secure access with PIN or Touch ID

Security is our foundation, not a feature

Many wallet options are compelling, but very few of them have the security track record Edge wallet has. Want to learn more? Download our White Paper.

Client-side Encryption


Your assets. Your keys.

Client-side encryption means all of your data is encrypted on your device before any of your information touches our servers. No server-side hacks, no malware = safe assets. That also means that Edge as a company does not have access to, nor have any knowledge of your account information. Only you and you alone has access and control of your assets—the way it should be.


Private By Default

Edge has a zero-knowledge security architecture meaning we don’t need nor do we want any of your private information. No email, no phone number, no ID or any other personal information is needed to create an account with Edge. Respecting your privacy is a core value in everything we engineer.

Automatic Backup


Redundant peer-to-peer cloud servers

Client-side encryption means all of your data is encrypted on your device before any of your information touches the servers. Once your account and everything in it has been encrypted, we automatically back it up. We can’t access your assets or any other information in any usable form but if anything happens to your device, you can just download the Edge app on a new device, enter your username and password and your assets are right where you left them.

Easy and Powerful Security Tools


One-Touch 2-Factor Authentication

Easily set-up 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) with just a touch of a button. 2FA increases security by only allowing logins from previously logged in devices.


Password Recovery

Many of us forget passwords and this can be unforgiving to holders of digital assets. We have set up password recovery with this in mind. Users can set up password recovery for their Edge Wallet with just two questions and an email.

More info about Edge wallet on www.edge.app.