Groestlcoin AG core

This app runs the Groestlcoin Core software on your device.

Install and run and it will download the Groestlcoin Binaries for your device. After this, it will begin to sync the device as a full node in the Groestlcoin Network.

Changelog v0.73:
• Update Groestlcoin Core to 2.17.2
• switched to native builds via NDK for Groestlcoin core:
- less to download and to store locally (3MB vs 60-100MB)
- less code
• added embedded tor
• added tor pairing support
• tor upgrade bug fixes
• Bug fixes to improve the app in background, built using ndk r19b toolchain
• updated android and gradle libraries
• improved blockchain sync progress using getblockchaininfo verificationprogress
• improved package download progress bar
• added support for external storage access post Android M
• added support for Oreo, including new notification mechanism
• added support for bitcoind RPC cookie
• changed minimum target to android 21 (required by NDK for native builds)
• add support for some arm64 Android devices
• updated glibc and gcc-libs
• Fixed x86/64 src which moved from http to https
• updated commons-compress
• updated tukaani.xt
• updated JavaRPCClient
• updated android support libs
• fixed bug with rpc console with soft keyboard
• fixed bug on devices with a version below JELLY_BEAN_MR1
• Fixed long standing bug with abcore starting on its own

• AGCore runs on Android Devices
• No need to keep active your PC/Server 24/7
• Low power consumption
• You can edit groestlcoin.conf
• APK downloads the necessary architectures from Debian repositories (
• All Groestlcoin builds on Debian are maintained by the Debian Bitcoin Packaging Team ([email protected])
• Supports amd64, i386, armhf and aarch64 architectures
• Easy replace external hard drive to store the Block-Chain
• You can install it on home devices that are already active 24/7 (like Minix Neo)
• Easy - no need to search for extra nodes and edit the conf file
• Free and decentralised - Open Source under MIT license