Groestlcoin EasyVanity 2020

Groestlcoin EasyVanity 2020: This Windows app is built from the ground-up in and makes it easier than ever before to create your very own bespoke Groestlcoin bech32 address(es), even whilst not connected to the internet!

If you're tired of the random, cryptic bech32 addresses generated by regular groestlcoin clients, then Groestlcoin EasyVanity 2020 is the right choice for you to create a more personalized bech32 address..


  • Ability to continue finding keys after first one is found
  • Includes warning on startup if connected to the internet
  • Ability to output keys to a text file (And shows button to open that directory)
  • Show and hide the private key with a simple toggle switch
  • Show full output of commands
  • Ability to choose between Processor (CPU) and Graphics Card (GPU)
  • Automatically detects 32 or 64 bit systems
  • Features both a Light and Dark Material Design-Style Themes
  • Free software - MIT. Anyone can audit the code.
  • Written in C# - The code is short, and easy to review.

Source code: