Emoji Seed

Emoji Seed: Mnemonic seed with emojis instead of words.

Tired of boring 12-word seeds? Use emoji instead! The same security in a funny form!
You can generate a private key and show it as a sequence of emojis. This sequence has a checksum (like in electrum-grs, derived from hash, not from the wordlist) and you can actually use these private and public keys in any wallet.
To detect typos we use a wordlist-independent electrum-grs checksum approach: Emoji seed generator creates sequences of random emojis and checks if their HMAC starts with "01" (electrum-grs standard seed). With this type of checksum even using a different list of emojis will lead to a valid seed, and if you've made a typo when entering the seed first two characters of the HMAC will be different from "01", so you will know that you made a typo.

• Shows your seed hash
• Shows your master private key
• Shows your master public key
• Shows your master private key
• Shows the current emojis wordlist used

Live version available at https://groestlcoin.org/emoji-seed/ But it is recommended to download Emoji Seed offline and run it on your pc. Open index.html to get started.

Source code: