Groestlcoin Spark Premium Card by Pungo

No bank account

Spark MasterCard does not need to be linked to a bank account.

No engagements

You can decide to close your account at any time.

Spark Network

The Spark Network is the most extensive prepaid network in Spain with over 35,000 points of sale and reload. You can reload your card at newsstands, tobacco shops gas stations, “locutorios”, Media Markt, department stores, and many other shops close to you.

Online Betting

Use it on online betting websites and make sure the emotions stay on the field.

Safe online shopping

Purchase online without exposing your bank account, spending only the money you put on the card.

Business expenses

Control your business expenses, establishing spending limits and monitoring transactions.

Purchase at stores

Use your card to purchase in millions of shops and ATMs around the world that accept MasterCard.


Control your children’s spending and make sure they never run out of balance.

Payments while traveling

Explore the world with your Spark MasterCard and travel with a practical and secure card.

Share with family and friends

Share your balance instantly with the people you care.

Control your personal spending

Set yourself daily or weekly limits and avoid surprises at the end of the month.

Supported Merchants


Upgrade levels

Price and Fees