Groestlcoin Sentinel wallet

Keeping track of your Groestlcoin Wallets has never been easier.
Sentinel is the easiest and fastest way to keep track of, and receive payments into, your offline cold storage or hardware Groestlcoin wallet. Sentinel is compatible with any standard Groestlcoin address or BIP 44 XPUB (Extended Public Key) such as those created by Groestlcoin Wallet, Groestlcoin Electrum GRS Wallet and others.

Changelog v2.7.1:
• Added refresh button
• Groestlsight blockexplorer support
• Haptic PIN entry support
• Track Segwit BIP49 YPUBs
• Sweep P2PKH and Segwit P2SH-P2WPHK amounts into selected account/address
• Use https for blockexplorers

Highlights of the Groestlcoin Sentinel Watch Only Groestlcoin Wallet:

→ Track multiple XPUB's or Addresses
Add multiple XPUB's or addresses to your Sentinel Watchlist to keep track of balances, transactions, and accept payments into any added wallet or address.

→No Private Keys
Groestlcoin Sentinel only uses Public Keys. It never knows or never asks for your Private Keys.

→ Deterministically derives Groestlcoin Addresses
Deterministically derive new Groestlcoin addresses associated with your added wallets without needing access or knowledge to your private keys.

→ Shareable QR codes
Create payment request QR codes with address and amount encoded directly into the image. Share with anyone or any app directly from Sentinel.

→ The most popular Fiat currencies
Sentinel can convert GRS to your local currency. Supported currencies are: USD, GBP, CNY, RUB.

→ Popular Exchanges
Groestlcoin Sentinel can pull the current GRS price from Bittrex.

→ Secure PIN Code protection
Add a secure PIN code to protect access to Sentinel. Optionally turn on PIN Scramble to help thwart against keylogger attacks.