Groestlcoin Spark

Groestlcoin Spark Lightning Wallet: A minimalistic wallet GUI for c-lightning through desktop apps and Android.

Groestlcoin Spark is currently oriented for technically advanced users and is not an all-in-one package, but rather a "remote control" interface for a c-lightning node that has to be managed separately.
Groestlcoin Sparks supports sending and receiving payments, viewing history, and managing channels.
Groestlcoin Spark is a purely off-chain wallet, with no on-chain payments. This allows Groestlcoin Spark to fully realize the awesome UX enabled by lightning.

Changelog 0.3.1
• BOLT12: Send payments using BOLT12 offers (including support for any amounts, quantities, fiat denomination and sending a payer_note to the payee). Requires c-lightning v0.10.1+ with experimental-offers enabled.
• BOLT12: Create reusable BOLT12 offers to receive multiple payments (basic support only). Requires c-lightning v0.10.1+ with experimental-offers enabled.
• BOLT12: Pull payments using BOLT12 withdrawal offers (send_invoice=true). Requires c-lightning v0.10.1+ with experimental-offers enabled.
• UI: Non-blocking payments with paystatus tracking
• Payments are now sent in the background without blocking the UI, with pending/failed payments shown in the homepage payment history.
• UI: Improve the main screen initial loading times
• Pay/Request can now be used immediately, without waiting for the wallet's data to load first.
• UI: Always display payment amounts in USD terms too
• UI: Improved error reporting and display
• Fix: Properly display the NoScript message on Firefox
• Update clightning-client to v0.1.4
• Use newaddr all to avoid creating new addresses when switching types
• This raises the minimally supported c-lightning version to v0.7.1.
• Reproducibility: Due to changes in third-party dependencies, the Android apk build and the Windows portable runner are no longer reproducible, while the Linux AppImage now is.

• Pay and Request are pretty intuitive and don't require much explaining. Try them!
• Display unit: Click the balance on the top-right or the unit in the "request payment" page to toggle the currency display unit. The available options are gro, groestls, milli, grs and usd.
• Theme switcher: Click the theme name on the bottom-right to change themes (you can choose between 16 bootswatch themes).
• Payment details: Click on payments in the list to display more details. (note that the fee shown includes c-lightning's overpayment randomization)
• Expert mode: Click the version number on the bottom-left to toggle expert mode. This will add two new menu items, "Logs" and "RPC Console", and display yaml dumps with additional information throughout the app.
• Node address: Click the node id on the footer to open the node info page which displays your node address (as text and QR).
• Channel management: Click the "Channels" button inside the node info page to show and manage channels.

This application is licensed under MIT. There is no warranty and no party shall be made liable to you for damages. If you lose coins due to this app, no compensation will be given. Use this app solely at your own risk.

Source code: