Groestlcoin Hardware Wallet Interface (HWI) is a Python library and command line tool for interacting with hardware wallets.

Groestlcoin Hardware Wallet Interface (HWI) provides a standard way for software to work with hardware wallets without needing to implement device specific drivers.
Caveat emptor: Inclusion of a specific hardware wallet vendor does not imply any endorsement of quality or security.

Changelog 2.0.1
• Support for Python 3.9.
• Trezor allows transactions with OP_RETURN outputs.
• Full type annotations within hwilib and type checking.
• Device support policy
• Enforce that the Ledger is in either the Groestlcoin or Groestlcoin Testnet apps.
• --sh_wpkh and --wpkh options have been replaced with --addr-type with the options legacy, sh_wit, and wit.
• --testnet option replaced with --chain with the options main, test, signet, and regtest.
• Overhauled descriptors implementation to be similar to Groestlcoin Core's descriptors implementation.
• Replaced HardwareWalletClient.display_address with display_singlesig_address and display_multisig_address.
• Overhauled HardwareWalletClient functions to return the correct objects rather than string dictionaries.
• Raise errors and exceptions instead of returning string dictionary containing error.
• bech32.py, base58.py, cli.py, and gui.py are made internal modules.
• serializations.py is split into tx.py, psbt.py with some functions made internal with _script.py and _serialize.py.
• getmasterxpub takes options for chain type, address type, and BIP 44 account in order to provide the master xpub accordingly.
• Removed option to provide redeem script to displayaddress.
• Fixed Ledger change path detection.
• Fixed Ledger message signing when the signature is shorter than expected.
• Fixed Trezor One pin sending when a passphrase is expected.
• Fixed handling of sortedmulti() descriptors. Some devices which only supported key sorting will be no longer allow multi() descriptors. The multisigs that devices use when given a sortedmulti() descriptor will now match what Groestlcoin Core derives for those descriptors.
• Several fixes to device enumeration.
• installudevrules will search for the correct binaries in the PATH rather than assuming their locations.
• Fixed Trezor T on device passphrase entry
• Fixed hwi-qt Linux binary crashing when using keyboard shortcuts

• Support for Mainnet and Testnet
• Support for KeepKey
• Support for Ledger Nano S
• Support for Ledger Nano X
• Support for Trezor Model T
• Support for Trezor One
• The software is built in Python
• Open Source - MIT license

This application is licensed under MIT. There is no warranty and no party shall be made liable to you for damages. If you lose coins due to this app, no compensation will be given. Use this app solely at your own risk.

Source code: https://github.com/Groestlcoin/HWI