MeconCash’s M.Pay and MeconMall

Groestlcoin has now been integrated into MeconCash's M.Pay Payment Platform!

M.Pay has been providing users with KRW Cash withdrawals across the country at over 13,000 ATM machines in South Korea.

Additionally, Groestlcoin will be available as a payment method on MeconCash's retail platform MeconMall, granting you the ability to pay for games at stores that accept M.Pay rewards - Ensuring that locals and tourists alike can use their saved up cryptocurrency with ease, without having to convert to fiat currency beforehand.

MeconCash is a cryptocurrency platform company used for payments, rewards and transactions of online and mobile services. The platform is currently being integrated into many services such as ATMs, game applications and e-commerce. Finally, the fees associated with the MeconCash platform are comparatively lower than credit/debit cards and requires far fewer steps. To find out how the platform works in greater depth, visit here:

Download the MeconCash Wallet here:

See it in action here: