Groestlcoin Rebranding Vote

Welcome to the Groestlcoin rebranding vote page!

Below are two wallets which correlate to a rebrand or no rebrand. Use your wallet to vote. Each GRS donated to a wallet will be classed as one vote. After the vote has finished, all funds will be used for the development and maintenance of GRS servers and services. Voting ends on the 15th of July at 10 pm CET.

The rebranding vote has concluded. There were 2576 for NO rebrand and 83 votes for rebrand. Groestlcoin will keep its name for the foreseeable future.



I like Groestlcoin! Please do NOT rebrand it!


2576 votes for NO rebrand

Address for NO rebrand:


1 GRS = 1 VOTE

In the event that the community chooses to move forward with the current branding, we will cease future discussions of rebranding and focus on making Groestlcoin the best coin it can be.


Please rebrand Groestlcoin!


83 votes for rebrand

Address for rebrand:


1 GRS = 1 VOTE

In the event that a rebrand is voted for there will be a period of determining the new name and logo through subsequent votes.