GRS Moonshine Testnet

Built with React Native, GRS Moonshine utilizes Electrum-GRS's JSON-RPC methods to interact with the Groestlcoin network.
GRS Moonshine's intended use is as a hot wallet. Meaning, your keys are only as safe as the device you install this wallet on. As with any hot wallet, please ensure that you keep only a small, responsible amount of Groestlcoin on it at any given time.


  • Groestlcoin Mainnet & Testnet supported
  • Bech32 support
  • Multiple wallet support
  • Electrum - Support for both random and custom peers
  • Encrypted storage
  • Biometric + Pin authentication
  • Custom fee selection
  • Import mnemonic phrases via manual entry or scanning
  • RBF functionality
  • BIP39 Passphrase functionality
  • Support for Segwit-compatible & legacy addresses in settings
  • Support individual private key sweeping
  • UTXO blacklisting - Accessible via the Transaction Detail view, this allows users to blacklist any utxo that they do not wish to include in their list of available utxo's when sending transactions. Blacklisting a utxo excludes it's amount from the wallet's total balance.
  • Ability to Sign & Verify Messages
  • Coin Control - This can be accessed from the Send Transaction view and basically allows users to select from a list of available UTXO's to include in their transaction.
  • Broadcast raw transactions

Source code