iOS Groestlcoin JSwallet released

Instant HTML5 iOS Groestlcoin JSwallet, controlled only by you.

Groestlcoin is excited to announce our new HTML5 instant wallet, JSWallet. We've listened to the community and have created a fast, easy, sexy wallet for iOS.

Sticking to our core philosophy we neither hold nor have access to users' Groestlcoins as all keys and info are stored client-side. Moreover, should our site ever go offline your wallet can be easily imported into another wallet system.

Create a wallet in under 5 seconds by moving your finger on the device without having to provide any user information. The client-side input of the motions generate entropy (randomness) which is couple with a random generator to create a Groestlcoin wallet.

You can consider JSWallet a hot wallet where your secret URL is your key, a key that can be further secured with a password should you so choose. JSWallet generates a brand new wallet with a public key. Look in the URL/address bar and you will see a random-looking string starting with '#' or hash – the code after the hash is your brain wallet seed, and is a 'secret link' not visible anywhere other than on your local browser. Either copy the full URL somewhere safe or bookmark it for future access.

• No logins required
• Optional passwords
• Works on multiple devices
• Create a brainwallet
• Groestlcoins stored on client-side
• Written in HTML5
• Takes only 5 seconds
• Set your preferred fiat currency
• Export private key
• Export brainwallet key
• Set custom fee
• Easter egg 1 (fake send): Enter "vapor" in the amount box
• Easter egg 2 (huge balance): Enter "ballin" in the amount box
• Easter egg 3 (huge balance with sound): Enter "baron" in the amount box
• Easter egg 4 (play turn down for what): Enter "tdfw" in the amount box
• Easter egg 5 (stop playing sound): Enter "stop" in the amount box

Create your own URL by using a brainwallet. A brainwallet refers to a random passphrase that only you know. This allows you to easily remember your URL and type it on any browser to retrieve your wallet. Choosing a secure passphrase is critical.

Typically a good passphrase is:
• At least 10 words long
• Use letters, capitals, numbers, and spaces
• Never been written in a book, song, or password system
• Easy for you to remember
• Impossible for someone to guess

Export your private key

Groestlcoin JSWallet is available in the appstore:

Source code: