GroestlTip – Groestlcoin on StreamLabs

GroestlTip (alternative URL) is a tipping service for live video content!

GroestlTip is a stand alone service that doesn’t rely on third parties to tip you favorite streamers. That means you won’t get charged by third parties.

When tipping someone, you will only pay the Groestlcoin’s (GRS) network fee.

On top of that, your payment will be instant. Streamers will receive the GRS coins instantaneous into their wallets.

How it works?


1. As a viewer /users, go to your favorite streamer who accepts GRS tips and click on the GroestlTip logo:

2. You’ll be redirected to the streamer’s user page, where you will see all of his/her GRS donations. Click on “Click to Tip” button:

3. In the new window you will be able to tip /donate with Groestlcoin (GRS) or PayPal. Click on “Tip with Groestlcoin (GRS)” button:

4. An Groestlcoin (GRS) address will be generated. Scan the QR code with your Groestlcoin mobile wallet or copy the GRS address into your Groestlcoin desktop wallet.

Choose the amount of GRS you want to donate and sent it from your wallet:

Please note that the payment will only be tracked while this page is open, and you have a five minute time limit. If either the page gets closed, or five minutes elapses after you see the Groestlcoin address, please refresh the page to make a new payment request.

5. After you’ll send the GRS tip, you’ll get the message that the payment was verified and you can check your transaction by click on the “history” link or the transaction id link.

Watching the live stream you will also see the custom tip donation graphics with sound.

The transaction is sent, verified and received in an instant.


We made a 5 minute video tutorial about how to set up GroestlTip for your stream.